Clever Network Monitoring and Security Solution

Organizations all over the world are facing a growing complexity of IT infrastructure, since they are adopting technology such as software defined networking and virtualization and a growing number of applications and services. Troubleshooting is becoming much more challenging in this environment. Moreover even a minor breach to data or network infrastructure can cause financial loss, reputation damage or dissatisfaction and churn of customers. Therefore companies and organizations have implemented flow monitoring solutions to detect application and network performance issues and to identify and eliminate modern security threats.

Flowmon is a comprehensive platform for network traffic monitoring and security based on flow data (NetFlow/IPFIX) and network behavior analysis. It provides IT professionals with detailed network traffic visibility in the most scalable solution in industry.

Flowmon solution includes high-performance autonomous flow statistics generating probes for monitoring all types of networks up to 100 Gbps and collectors to display and analyse network traffic. The whole solution is extended by advanced modules: Flowmon Anomaly Detection System for network behavior analysis, Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring for driving application value, Flowmon Traffic Recorder for complete data communication recording and Flowmon DDoS Defender, a solution for the detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks.



Flowmon is applicable to all Large Enterprise companies, Telcos and SMB companies with over 50 computers. The typical deployment costs are from 5 000€ to 75 000€ and up to 1 000 000 € for large ISPs and national wide deployments.

Customers/Revenue segmentation

  • 75% - commercial (both SMBs and large enterprises), government and academic institutions
  • 25% - Internet Service Providers (ISP)
Gartner’s MQ for NPMD 2016 report states: Flowmon's strong focus on security-related incidents enables it to provide its customers with a greater understanding of how malware, network abuse and DDoS attacks affect network performance, versus traditional NPMD vendors.
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    ​Flow Monitoring basic SNMP monitoring has been deployed in most organizations. However, the “next generation” flow monitoring technologies (NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow) are the current growth area of end user needs and interest. Target usage includes network traffic analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, network operation cost reduction, security enhancement, SLA monitoring and more. 

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    ​Network Security – NBA/NBAD Paul E. Proctor, VP at Gartner: “NBA is about higher visibility in the behavior of your network to cover gaps left by signature based mechanism.” Flowmon Networks is European leader in NBA and offers the only solution on the market which scales from SMBs through large enterprises to carriers.

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    ​DDoS Protection in the world of application-driven business, DDoS attacks have become an especially worrisome tool of cybercriminals. The most effective answer to this challenge is to use a power of flow data. Therefore internet service providers and backbone operators strengthen their networks by flow-based DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities.

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    ​Application Performance Monitoring availability issues, slow response times and performance bottlenecks affect the satisfaction of your customers and employees. Can you afford to lose your customers? Identify and troubleshoot them before they impact your business with Flowmon APM, an agent-less solution to proactively drive user experience and application value


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