3D Product Photo Stock

The first and the largest 3D product photo stock in the world. We bring disruptive innovation of displaying products using interactive 360 degrees’ product photos. 3D product photos allow to zoom and to show your products from all angles. We make it easy to review all the fine details and get sense of the physical product itself. This tactile interaction greatly increases the desirability and is a powerful selling tool for you.

Highest Quality of Photography with our own technology. Our expert engineers (won Intel ISEF Award) have developed our innovative technology, machines and post-production software. We minimize reflections using optimal lighting from all angles. We use top quality camera lenses to achieve maximum sharpness and true color reproduction.

Easy and simple global implementation with technical support 24/7. Deployment within 24 hours - using an API and IFRAME element option, or simply just copy, paste. 3Doid Cloud Service is based on MS Azure Cloud 99.95 incl. SLA. We use a sophisticated compression algorithm and downloads that make viewing of 3Doid images with the same response times as the standard 2D images.

  • 1.

    3Doid Photo Stock
    the first and biggest photo stock in the world
    over 10 000 new 3Doids every year
    over 100 new 3Doids weekly
    mainly black devices products

  • 2.

    3D Product Picture Parameters
    3Doid = 324 photos
    9 height levels, each level contains 36 photos
    maximum resolution 4MPx, twice more than Full HD
    automatic rotation option

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    Implementation and Services
    3Doid Cloud Services powered by MS Azure Cloud 99.95 incl. SLA
    Simple implementation simple using API automatization or inserting the URL addresses of 3Doids either by link or using INFRAME element
    tailor-made skin, responsive
    technical support 24/7
    photo stock constantly updated


Pankaj Popat

phone: 0118-327-3770
mobile: 0780-109-4006

Edgefield, Western Avenue